General Litigation

After graduating from Georgetown University Law School, Michael T. Reagan immediately began practicing in the courtroom in Ottawa, Illinois, for Andrew J. O’Connor — arguing a motion to dismiss a libel case on the very day he was sworn in as an attorney. Reagan later became a name partner at Herbolsheimer Lannon Henson Duncan & Reagan before founding the Law Office of Michael T. Reagan in 2010.

Today, between 90% and 95% of Reagan’s work involves appellate representation. This allows him to avoid transitioning between taking depositions all day and appearing in court to then sitting down and writing appeals. He also enjoys focusing on “pure law” rather than having to spend multiple years assembling the factual record of a case.

Like all true appellate lawyers, however, he has been a litigation generalist, successfully appealing cases involving such legal issues as workers’ compensation, the Illinois Dramshop Act, tort responsibility, products liability, punitive damages and equitable estoppel.

Mike served as the president of the Appellate Lawyers Association in 1995-1996 and is a former member of the Illinois Supreme Court Pattern Jury Instructions Committee. He was previously active in other bar associations that focused on general litigation.